New Business Launches in Duluth

Nov 29, 2018

Woman-Led Coaching and Consulting Company Targeting National Audience

Long-time Duluth resident Lori Coda-Peterson is pleased to announce the launch of Codavision, LLC, a coaching and consulting company aimed at helping each client realize their most extraordinary vision. Codavision will offer professional coaching, leadership development, and sales training services, also booking speaking engagements.

The organization was founded by Coda-Peterson, a woman committed to the idea that transformation is possible when willingness, work, and courage collide. She has 22 years of experience in business coaching, sales training, and leadership development. She’s a highly intuitive coach who inspires others to grow and achieve, championing others to become the leader who people want to follow, instead of being the manager people are expected to follow. She’s known by her peers and clients for being focused, strategic, hard-working, empathetic, and honest. “My growing client base consists of top performers, motivated leaders, and powerful managers who desire their next level of “extraordinary” in their professional and personal lives — and I work hard to help them get there,” said Coda-Peterson. “I believe that our dreams are supremely worthy of the effort it takes to make them come true.”

Codavision Services Include:

  • Professional Coaching — For the leader who is ready to impact and influence their team to greater productivity and engagement levels. This service will help improve engagement, increase performance, and turn their emotional quotient into a positive one.

  • Leadership Development — For the growth-minded entrepreneur looking for a guide and partner to help clients work "on" their business vs. "in" their business. This service helps clients get the urgent things out of their way so they can dedicate time to do the important things while encouraging continued growth and development.

  • Sales Training — For the sales director or owner who is ready to exponentially increase sales performance and create sustainable change. This service will help clients banish old-school sales paradigms and transactional-based sell-ing, instead of transitioning them to relationship-based selling.

  • Speaking — As a public speaker, Coda-Peterson has ignited teams and organizations for more than 20 years. She excels at reading the energy in the room and quickly establishes a relationship with her audience. She presents in a high-energy style, ensuring she convey topics of leadership, communication, and sales performance in a clear and exciting manner.

About Codavision, LLC

Coaching creates waves and powers lasting results — and Coach and Consultant Lori Coda-Peterson, as Codavision, can prove it. Founded in Duluth, MN in November 2018, Codavision helps business professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders plan the future with imagination and wisdom. With two decades of experience coaching individuals and developing leaders, Coda-Peterson knows how to help teams cross finish lines victoriously. Codavision guides clients toward the highest vision for themselves, their business, and their team. Potential clients can email [email protected] to get in touch.

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