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My clients come to me after spending months (sometimes years) spinning wheels, burning out, and missing opportunities. I help powerful leaders discover their innate gifts while pursuing their life & business dreams.

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Vision — vi·sion — ˈviZHən

The ability to think about or plan the future with imagination and wisdom.

Sales Coaching & Training

How well do you know your team? Struggling to connect with your remote employees? Is your top salesperson capable of more?
With over 25 years of coaching and training sales leaders, I can spot, understand, and solve underlying sales issues (not just solve for symptoms) and help individuals and businesses exceed their sales goals.

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Leadership Coaching & Training

I help entrepreneurs and sales leaders grow their confidence and courage in leadership. I help successful leaders scale and grow their organizations with joy and intention by building an empowered team with shared values. Ready to develop your own authentic leadership style so you can ditch your overwhelm, exhaustion, and missed opportunities?

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