Hello, I'm Lori and it's nice to meet you.

I founded Codavision Sales & Leadership in 2018 with the unique mission of supporting leaders to lead better. We believe there is no more a noble an occupation than to help someone become all that they are capable of becoming. When leaders lead better (more confidence, more courage, more intentionality), productivity and fulfillment soar. While the name Codavision begins with my family name, we are all about your vision for your organization and your team.

People who work with me say that I am a heart-centered, charismatic and results-focused leader. I coach powerful leaders who sometimes find themselves wanting more for their people than they even want for their own lives. These leaders build other leaders, which is the pinnacle of leadership. If this resonates with you, let’s have a conversation. It would be an honor to serve you on your journey.

Much Belief,


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Areas of Expertise:

  • Sales Training
  • Leadership Development
  • Individual Business Coaching
  • Team Productivity & Engagement
  • Business Development
  • Long-Term Employee Engagement Strategy
  • Personal Growth
  • Group Coaching
  • Sales Manager Productivity & Leadership
  • Clifton Strengths Assessor
  • Employee Development
  • Performance Management & Incentives

Here's to your future!

My entire life has been helping others discover what lights them up and encouraging them to believe in and reach their goals. I am there for my clients during challenging times and times of celebration. I am a highly intuitive, hard-hitting, and charismatic coach helping high-achievers navigate through the inevitable lows and the well-deserved highs.

​I am passionate and ready to help you take your career to the next level!

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