Million Dollar


This is not your typical Mastermind.  This Mastermind is on steroids.


Take the usual Mastermind format where 8 amazing sales leaders help you find solutions and keep you accountable.  Add to it the power of Clifton Strengthsfinder (Gallup), sales techniques that work in a pandemic, and a certified Sales Coach with over 25 years experience.


These are your dreams we are talking about, and your business.   This is not the time to wait, push it off until things are more certain, or anything else that might get in the way of your future.  

It's time to finish your year strong. 



The upcoming Visionselling Mastermind kicks off December 18, 10am-12pm

Apply below to save your spot.

Visionselling Million Dollar Mastermind

 Visionselling Mastermind is for you NOW if:

  • You want to be a top performer in 2021.  COVID-19 has been challenging. It requires new sales skills-in today's environment. We'll show you how.

  • You want guidance on how to find your own resilience and capacity, growing your sales pipeline and increasing your closing rate even when you can't control the external landscape.  We will use Strengthsfinder (Gallup) to elevate your sales style and confidence.

  • You are a problem-centric salesperson who got into sales to solve problems and serve. We will teach you how to get to the root of your clients' problems quickly and discern if you can help them, or not. 

  • Tired of the same old selling paradigms? Is your Sales Director or company teaching the same thing over and over again? It's time to try something new, now. 

  • Interested in shorter sales cycles, more leads and more revenue....all while having a blast and enjoying what you do to the max?  This is what a certified coach brings to the insight and transformation for you!

Tell me a bit about the format...

  • Think of this as a hybrid Mastermind/Sales Coaching Program.

  • Typical of masterminds, each meeting will consist of a dedicated "Spotlight" where one member shares a challenge they are having, and we dive deep into brainstorming and supporting solutions and accountability.

  • Not typical of masterminds, each meeting will have a quote-buster sales technique or training piece shared by certified sales coach, Lori Coda-Peterson.  

  • Not typical of masterminds, we will use Strengthsfinder as our foundation.  

  • Each meeting will be 2 hours in length, via Zoom and time/date to be decided upon by the 8 members.

  • Save December 18th at 10am (10-12pm CST) for our Zoom KICKOFF!  (MM will be held for 6 months)



The Visionselling application process is in place to create appropriate groupings; one member maximum from each industry, and Codavision will match each applicant to each group.  You will receive confirmation and first meeting details upon acceptance of a complete application.

Save the Date! January Program Kickoff Meeting: 

December 18, 10a,-12pmCST

Investment of $695 // 8 Participants Max
6 Sessions, 2-Hour Meetings

Sales Training Topics:

  • Selling with your Strengths (Top 5)

  • Marketing to your Ideal Client during a pandemic

  • Goal setting amidst uncertainty

  • Tracking & Follow-up for results

  • Solving Clients' Problems

Limited space available, January session will most likely fill in November 2020.  Submit your application today. 


Visionselling million dollar mastermind

Visionary Sales Professionals Working Together to Create Impact & Results


Strengths Assessment Completed in Last 3 Years


($20 additional if needed)


Coach Lori, A Certified Professional Business Coach, leads and facilitates monthly meetings.


Lori has helped hundreds of leaders and entrepreneurs maximize their sales game. 


$695 Investment


6  Sessions

2-Hour Meetings


Open to 8 Women. Once application approved, PayPal link will be sent.

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