It has never been a better time to invest in coaching for professional development! These are your dreams we are talking about, and your business. You'll learn ways to lead through change, inspire your team while working remotely, and how to create a powerful Strengths-based culture.


And, in this Mastermind networking group format, you will gain grounding support from five other amazing leaders, plus an experienced coach. You will move forward. You got this!

Apply now. Special neuroscience courses begin Fall 2020!

Visionlead Strengths Mastermind

Visionlead Mastermind Is for You If:

  • You want to THRIVE in your business in the midst of Coronavirus.

  • Will you be among the leaders that emerge through this?

  • You are ready for exploration, conscious conversations, collaboration and accountability!

  • You want complete mind mastery in a crisis.

Why Visionlead Mastermind Now? 

  • This is a confidential and productive safe space to learn and grow during these unprecedented times. You will not only gain support, but learn tools to help your business and client base grow.

  • Your future clients will thank you for rising up and continuing your growth and leadership today.

  • Ever curious about CliftonStrengths? This is the time to maximize your TOP 5 and navigate this new normal. 

APPLY EARLY: only 6 spots available

And, when you apply today, you'll be invited to 4 FREE training/coaching calls via ZOOM 

Meeting Details:


Arriving in Fall 2020

We'll Cover:

  • Circumstances vs. Drama

  • Corona Brain 

  • Mastering Uncertainty

  • Business & Money Worries

VisionLead MasterMind Group 2020

Visionary Leaders Working Together to Create Impact & Results


Strengths Assessment Completed in Last 3 Years


($20 additional if needed)


Coach Lori, A Certified Professional Business Coach, leads and facilitates monthly meetings.


Lori helps you to create the business you imagined and life you’ve dreamed of living.


$895 for 6 months

Payable in 3 Payments


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