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Sales Training

For the problem-centric salesperson, sales director or owner who is ready to exponentially increase sales performance and create sustainable change while building a powerful sales pipeline and increasing their closing rate. Our Visionselling service helps Midwest-based professionals banish old school sales paradigms and transactional-based selling — instead transitioning to highly effective relationship-based selling.

Why Hire a Sales Trainer / Coach?

  • Gain a new understanding of your barriers to success or limiting beliefs.  A coach will support you in moving through them once and for all. 

  • Learn how to reach out, attract interest and create meaningful conversations with your prospects.

  • Learn how to uncover your ideal clients' psychographics and what their desired future state is.

  • Create powerful follow-up skills, timelines, and a system for tracking.

  • Become the kind of person (inside and out) who people love to do business with!

  • Selling is problem of the best jobs on the planet.


VisionAct Half-Day Tune-Up

Four Hours to:

  • Refocus

  • Strategize

  • Develop Plan

  • Execute Results


VisionSell Sales Training Program

Up to 3 members ($50 additional)

  • Four 3-Hour Sessions 

  • Strengths Assessment and Custom Reports

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