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Sales Training

For the problem-centric salesperson, sales director or owner who is ready to exponentially increase sales performance and create sustainable change while building a powerful sales pipeline and increasing their closing rate. Our Visionselling service helps Midwest-based professionals banish old school sales paradigms and transactional-based selling — instead transitioning to highly effective relationship-based selling.

If your sales reps are missing quotas, lack confidence, lack follow-up skills, or need bigger goals to run toward, our sales training can help.

Why Hire a Sales Trainer / Coach?

A sales trainer/coach can motivate sales reps who lack confidence, aren't closing deals, or who just aren't having fun anymore. If your sales leaders have trouble building trust with teammates, balancing personal quotas with team leadership/training, have non-performing teams, or lack accountability with their teams Codavision's sales trainer/coach services are exactly what you've been looking for.

With our sales trainer/coaching, your team will:

  • Gain a new understanding of your barriers to success or limiting beliefs.  A coach will support you in moving through them once and for all. 

  • Learn how to reach out, attract interest and create meaningful conversations with your prospects.

  • Learn how to uncover your ideal clients' psychographics and what their desired future state is

  • Create powerful follow-up skills, timelines, and a system for tracking

  • Become the kind of person (inside and out) whom people love to do business with!

  • Selling is of the best jobs on the planet.


VisionAct Half-Day Tune-Up

Four Hours to:

  • Refocus

  • Strategize

  • Develop Plan

  • Execute Results


VisionSell Sales Training Program

Up to 3 members ($50 additional)

  • Four 3-Hour Sessions 

  • Strengths Assessment and Custom Reports

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