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Leadership Development Coaching

For the leader who is ready to impact and influence their team to greater productivity and engagement levels.  At Codavision, we use CliftonStrengths & Strengths Based Leadership (Gallup, INC)  to help uncover what makes a team thrive and innovate.    Help your team feel focused, heard, trusted and confident in their contribution to the big vision.  

Why Hire a Leadership Development Coach?

  • Empathetic coaching combined with tough-minded, results-oriented leadership development complete with accountability

  • Learn "Leader As Coach" techniques and philosophy

  • Leadership development for today - bringing empathy to work

  • Strengths-based cultures lead to increased 20% higher sales, 17% higher productivity and 59% less turnover (Gallup 2019)

  • Improved team dynamics and collaboration



Discover Your Strengths

Up to 6 Members ($50 additional/person)

Session includes:

  • Assessment Codes for all participants

  • 3 Hours In-Depth Strengths Training & Custom Reports for each participant

  • Team/Organization Grid

*If purchased together, as suggested, Discover & Integrate workshops will have a pricing break on the two workshops. 



Integrate Your Strengths

45 days after Workshop 1. Up to 6 Members ($50 additional/person)

Session includes:

  • 3 Hours Team-Focused Training to build Strengths Culture

  • Identifying barriers keeping organizations and individuals from leveraging talents

  • Implementing a Strengths-based culture with the resources you have today

  • Team Building Activities to leverage the power of Strengths

Leadership Development
The Process

Leadership Development
The Results

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