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Coming Again in January 2021

Next Session:
Driving Remote Team Engagement

Visioncoach IS for you if you want to learn:

  • How to Hold 5 Key Coaching Conversations

  • How to Improve Diversity and Inclusion within your team

  • How to Improve Recognition and Appreciation (while working remotely)

  • An understanding of the Five Traits of Great Managers

Why Visioncoach Now? 

  • This is a confidential and productive safe space to learn and grow during these unprecedented times. You will not only gain support, but learn tools to help your business and client base grow.

  • Your future future clients will thank you for rising up and continuing your growth and leadership today.

  • Ever curious about CliftonStrengths? This is the time to maximize your TOP 5 and navigate this new normal. 

APPLY EARLY: only 10 spots available for our September 1 start date!

Session Details:

Driving Remote Team Engagement

Fall Series Sold Out!

Coming Again in January 2021

10 People | 2, 2-Hour Sessions | $129/Person


two Wisconsin women working on six sessi


Remote Team Engagement in the COVIVD-19 Era


Strengths Assessment & Tools


Boss To Coach Book from Gallup 


Coach Lori, A Certified Professional Business Coach, leads and facilitates monthly meetings.


Lori helps you to create the business you imagined and life you’ve dreamed of living.


September Session


Includes 2, 2-Hour Meetings

September 24, October 1


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